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НовостиVTTV 2009 - English version

Digital Conversion

HPO “Mir” and FGUP OmPO “Irtysh” May enter into the “Sibirskoe Mashinostroenie” programme of 2009-2011. This suggestion was made public on 2 June by the official representative of the president of the Russian Federation in the Siberian region Anatolii Kvashnin at a tour of the “VTTV-Omsk-2009” exhibition.
04.06.2009 12:46
  The representative to the president Anatolii Kvashnin, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Iurii Borisov and governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhaev all took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Anatolii Kvashnin mentioned the diverse nature of the exhibition: it is not only military technology on display but also dual purpose and civilian technology. Iurii Borisov stated: “even in the difficult economic climate you have managed to preserve your scientific and technological potential. And you have something to show for it namely the innovative military developments and production of dual-purpose equipment. We value Omsk, it is clear that the technical rearmament of the defence industry is taking place here”. Having addressed the participants of VTTV Anatolii Kvashnin, Iurii Borisov and Leonid Polezhaev cut a ceremonial red ribbon. Mr Kvashnin demonstrated what to do with the ribbon by placing his piece in his breast pocket. 
  The high-ranking guests then proceeded to watch part of the exposition. The stands of PO “Polet” branch of the M.V.Khrunichev FGUP GKNPTS, NPO “Mir”, FGUP OmPO “Irtysh”, SO RAN, and AVA Company attracted particular attention from the guests. During a break from the exhibition the honoured guests took part in the presentation of the “Sibirskoe Mashinostroenie” 2009-2011 programme, the presentation was conducted by the programme coordinator Gennadii Gusel’nikov. Over 100 businesses from all over Russia are taking part in the implementation of this programme. The programme covers the replacement of imported products by domestic ones and product innovation in all Russian corporations while spreading production around all Russian territories. It is possible that the number of participants in the programme will increase. The president’s representative suggested to the Governor of the Omsk region to include NPO “Mir”, FGUP OmPO “Irtysh” in the list of participants. NPO “Mir” aroused Mr Kvashnin’s interest with a system of energy conservation - the AIIS KUE “Mir” automatic electro energy and power, commercial accounting system. The DVB-T 250 watt hybrid television transmitter of FGUP OmPO also attracted the attention of the ambassador and deputy minister. This transmitter is as powerful as eight normal transmitters and can provide digital television to town with a population of 1 million, Omsk for example. Iurii Borisov told the representative to the president: “Russia should become completely digital by 2015 and it would be excellent if around 70% of the technology was provided by Russian industry”. Anatolii Kvashnin added that a group of around five people will be created to evaluate the potential of Omsk-based industry in the digital television market. It is possible that digital TV businesses will be united to form a holding company to prepare for this programme more rapidly.
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Omsk technicians are developing a new modification to the snow and swamp “Arktika-5D” all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle will now be able to take on 50 passengers and a load of up to 5 tonnes.

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