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НовостиVTTV 2009 - English version

The Omsk design bureau designates its target

The Omsk design department “Avtomatika” will be showing off its very best creations at the “VTTV-2009” exhibition. One of the organization’s most recent developments is the “AUTS-30”, an air-to-surface rocket control and target designation system.
30.05.2009 20:23
  According to GTPK Omsk news, one system is capable of controlling 6 rockets located aboard modern military fighters and low-flying attack aircraft. The “AUTS” accurately guides the rocket to their target, such as ground based rocket and firing systems with build-in radar. Another development of the “Avtomatika” that has already been recommended not only for use in the Armed Forced of the Russian Federation but also in over 15 countries around the world is the early warning radiation radiolocation station. This station warns and protects aircrews from the threat of ground-to-air rocket systems. The station is capable of defining the coordinates and threat level of the enemy in just 1-2 seconds. General director Eduard Sedunov of “TSKBA” OAO states: “There will be two reports on our technological progress, how our apparatus can increase the effectiveness of ground-to-air systems and armour technology in reconnaissance and safety provision”. This year the company will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The design department approaches TSKBA in the only way it is possible to approach a defence business, fully armed, with a full portfolio of orders, and a growing production volume. Today the company employs 1300 people. Every year the design department employs 20 young specialists, which make up one fifth of the total work force. The best developments of “Avtomatika” will be shown at “VTTV-2009”, which begins in Omsk on 2nd June.
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The “Arktika” takes on passengers

Omsk technicians are developing a new modification to the snow and swamp “Arktika-5D” all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle will now be able to take on 50 passengers and a load of up to 5 tonnes.

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