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НовостиVTTV 2009 - English version

Two-Part Conference

The VTTV exhibition in Omsk will take place alongside the 5th International Technological Conference of “Defense Technology, Armaments, and Dual-usage Technology in 21st Century”, between 1st and 4th of July. The conference will include an introductory meeting and four theme-based sessions. This year the organisers have decided not to discuss a large number of topics like last year, but rather to concentrate on two main themes; radio electronics and track and wheeled vehicles. As a result specialists from Omsk universities and businesses arrived yesterday 14th of May at the regional Ministry of Industry.
29.05.2009 10:15

  The introductory meeting will cover six reports relating to the problems of the industrial sectors on a national scale. The first part of the conference starts on 1st June, after this two conferences will take place in ONIIP (radio electronics) and SibADI (track and wheel based vehicles). On 2nd July there will be a plenary meeting and the exhibition of defense technology will commence, there will be a display at the firing range in Svetlyi on 3rd July, on the 4th there will be meetings at OmGUPS and OmGTU with the summary of conclusions made by the Conference research team.

  Fifteen leading Russian organisations have confirmed their participation in the conference, including: Russian NII Motors, TSNIPTI, TSNII № 22, The Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, The S.M Budenni Communications Academy, The Russian Federation Military Engineering Academy, and The Soboleva SO RAN Mathematics Institute. Local universities and businesses have invited experts from Moscow to participate in the conference. Professor Artur Lang will present a report on “Digital Signal Processing”, the general director of OAO “TSKBA” Boris Lobanov of the A. I. Berga FGUP TSNIRTI (The Central Radio Technology Research Institute) will present a report on “Contemporary Radio-Electronic Defense Systems”.

  The “Armour 2009” Conference is likely to be cancelled owing to organisational re-structuring of the armoured vehicle department of the Russian Ministry of Defense. There will hopefully be 50 representatives from the regional authorities of the Siberian federal district present at the conference, including Govenors and chairmen of the legislative assembly headed by the ambassador to the president of the SFO, Anatolii Kvashninii. Presently there are over 50 participants registered from other cities: 35 from ONIIP and 17 from OmGUPS.

  This year the funding of the VTTV conference has been increased. The Ministry of Education has approved a budget of 177,000 rubles instead of the initial 137,000.

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Omsk technicians are developing a new modification to the snow and swamp “Arktika-5D” all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle will now be able to take on 50 passengers and a load of up to 5 tonnes.

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