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НовостиVTTV 2009 - English version

The military becomes “high”

The military becomes “high”
The main part of the future exhibition “VTTV-Omsk - 2009” is supposed to be the congress part, thanks to which organizers plan to attract attention to the exhibition of some more potential clients for industrial concerns. Yesterday, May, 21, the Minister of industrial politics, transport and communication Alexander Gorbunov and the leaders of defence concerns told on the press conference about the organization of VTTV-2009 and new creations of the military technique, which will be shown on the exhibition. The directors of concerns told about the latest models, which will be shown : the satellite “Sterkh” and new sight for the tank T-80. Alexander Gorbunov, who gave the press conference for the first time since he was appointed Minister, said that VTTV this time should stand not for Exhibition of Military Technologies, but for Exhibition of High Technologies. The exhibition of 3 counsils.
26.05.2009 08:25

  The director of FSUE “ON “Polet”, Grigorii Murakhovskii, the director of FSUE “Baranov Omsk Motor-building Enterprise” Andrey Shutov and general director of JSC “KBTM”, Igor Shumakov also took part in press conference.

  In the region’s Ministry of Industry figurated the number: 150 concerns and 22 regions are registrated for the participation in the exhibition by the moment, which is more than it was previous year. Representatives of 30 countries claimed their participation, 4 foreign companies design stands – Italy, Byelorussia, Germany and Sweden. 27 concerns will show 281 exhibits of military techniques, civil subject-matter will be broader: 63 concerns will show 754 exhibits.

  At the moment polygon is preparing for the demonstration of possibilities of military techniques, areas for demonstration of fighting landing vehicle – BMA-4 are being measured. Apart the demonstration part there will be a congress part on the 3 fields: Omsk State Polytechniques University, SibARI, OmSUMC. At the same time with the exhibition on 2 and 3 of June there will be a meeting of 3 councils in Omsk (Council of authorized representative of President in SFD, Council of legislators in SFD and Council of AMIS) under chairmanship of authorized representative of the President of RF in SFD, Anatolii Kvashnin.

  - Today the main accent is made not only on demonstration of possibilities of military techniques, but also on possibilities of development and integration industrial concerns of SFD, development of civil subject-matters and double-appointment technologies. That is why congress part of the exhibition becomes even more important than the demonstrative one, - said Alexander Gorbunov. – Earlier abbreviation VTTV stood for “Military techniques, armament technologies”, and now it stands for “High technologies, armament techniques”. This correction will be seen on this exhibition, where not only military techniques will be shown, but also civil production. Alexander Gorbunov answered the question about competition between VTTV-Omsk and similar exhibition in Nizhny Tagil:

  - The congress part of the exhibition is developed in Omsk and the demonstrative one – in Nizhny Tagil. For FD exhibitions, for military and civil production demonstration is important, but it is not the main part. Our advantage is the congress part and here Nizhny Tagil is not a competitor for us. Igor Shumakov added that exhibition in Nizhny Tagil is specialized for MOE, it deffers from Omsk exhibition in techniques, problems and topics.


  “Polet” anchor its hopes on AN-3

  As director of the concern, Grigorii Murakhovskii, reported, on the stand VTTV concern will present new satellite “Sterkh”, replaced satellite “Nadezhda”( the new one 5 times lighter than the previous one), and multipurpose rocket module for all carrying agents – light, medium and heavy class. Also concern will demonstrate the model of AN-3 airplane, which came back from South Pole.

  - We hope that this demonstration on VTTV will provide requests on AN-3. before the crisis there were no demand on this model, and now we have a dilemma – to close this subject or to continue it, - told Mr. Murakhovskii.


  KBTM looks in new sight

  This year JSC “KBTM” will traditionally demonstrate armored and engineering technique. For the past two years specialists upgraded tank T-80 in companionship with France and Byelorussia by placing the new sight on it, which is the most modern nowadays and provide good work at day and night. Documents on heavy flame-throwing system TOS-1A with new system of controlling and guidance are received, so it will also be demonstrated. Engineering technique is presented by bridges, jumping facilities.

  - VTTV provides big help in demonstration, thanks to what KBTM has some new contracts. Product portfolio for this year is already formed, and we are studying orders on 2020-2011 years, - reported Igor Shumakov.

  Since the last VTTV there were some significant organizational changes in KBTM. In December of the last year the main part of Omsk TM concern assets was bought by KB for the federal resources. Last year in KBTM 780 workers of unclaimed specialties were fired. For this year it was hired over 1300 new specialists, who carry business tasks out.


  Baranov Enterprise developed new engine

  By the future exhibition Baranov Omsk Motor-building Enterprise is preparing together with Moscow PNP “Salut”. As earlier concerns will demonstrate main directions of their co-work: they are specializing in engines for planes SU-27 and SU-30 (“Salut”), SU-22 and SU-24 (Baranov Enterprise) repairing. They will show their new creations – full-size engine for training and combat plane YaK-130.



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